Doctor Plastic Industry



The DPI Group is more than a company, it is a name that promise a unique experience to its consumers and distributors. Today, the group is among the best in plastic manufacturers and Solar Systems providers in Pakistan. Thanks to its emphasis on the values of integrity, teamwork and innovation. It is this common goal that unifies the workforce and helps them deliver high quality products while maintaining a safe, comfortable and productive environment.


DPI PPRC is a versatile, and comprehensive system for water and other fluid delivery, is used in applications of pressurized warm or cold water in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial applications. the creative solutions provided by DPI in its product base renders it a leader in the construction industry.

Solar Systems

DPI residential solutions are available in standardized kits that enable home-owners to go off-grid and eliminate grid power or use as back-up power during blackouts. DPI Solar kits can operate air-conditioners. Kits are available in sizes of 2.5 kW, 5 kW and 10 kW.

Doctor Plastic Industries

Opp. Brighto Paint Factory, Majid Street, Bara Dari Road, Shahdara Lahore.

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